Who Can Pee Where? NC Bathroom Bill


The headline reads, “Google, Apple, Facebook, others oppose NC Law.” Then below it is some jackass with a sign that reads “trans lives matter” as if to link it with the other “(insert your favorite minority here) lives matter” movement.  I guess first we ought to see what this law is all about.

Usually, bloggers like to give up as little personal info as possible for obvious reasons, like security, privacy, etc. but suffice it to say that I live in NC, close enough to Charlotte, where this all started, to understand what’s going on, but thankfully far enough away where I don’t have to worry about this kinda crap coming our way. At least for now.

So, this law was actually in response to a city ordinance passed by city council of Charlotte (CLT). It was aptly dubbed by a local radio talk show host the “who can pee where” law because one feature in the law granted transgender individuals the right to use which ever restroom they gender identified with, not the one in their pants. Controversy cried out on both sides. Transgender folks and their buddies screamed about their constitutional right to piss wherever they want and be perverted and weird, and the right featured folks with legitimate concerns who were overshadowed by a woman who said this law would force women to wear diapers. Yeah….not kidding, that’s what she said. What was sad about this whole thing (as if it already weren’t) from a freedom perspective is that they didn’t offer it as a referendum vote… You know, let the fuckin people decide?! When pressed about that, the newly elected uber liberal mayor just said that her election was a referendum and that people made a choice for her agenda. Well, this proves the phrase “Elections have Consequences.”

Anywho, almost immediately the governor and state legislature vowed to block it or pass some law to repeal it. And they did, thus the headline. But there are a lot of things wrong with how this whole mess is going down. I implore us to explore…

For starters, it seemed like an innocuous bill designed to protect an oppressed minority group. What could be wrong with that? As it turns out a lot…government inherently does this; when it starts choosing winners, it also creates losers. Well, the people that would be harmed by this law were not heard, so allow me a minute to speak on their behalf. Unarguably, there are some who would exploit this law and try to take advantage of the situation. The prominent example is a straight but deranged individual claiming to be a tranny when he’s not in order to be a perverted predator by following women into the restroom. The other side, and even the dumbass radio guy, argued that the same guy could do that now, arguing the same point CCP holders do in that laws don’t stop the bad guys from getting guns to do bad things and thus wouldn’t stop a predator from breaking a law either. The flaw in their argument which is an ironic point, is that currently, a lady identifying a man in the restroom is automatically validated in perceiving it as a threat and using said CCP to defend herself. Under the new law, she could be prosecuted for a hate crime against the tranny. This leaves women and girls needlessly vulnerable to attack. This same logic would apply to locker rooms.

By the way, calling transgender trannies is offensive to all transmissions everywhere who share the same nickname. To those transmissions I apologize. Allison, Muncie, Tremec, I’m sorry.

The other side has not come up with a defense to that point, arguing only that to use natural born sex to identify with common sense which restroom to use would hurt their feelings and sensibilities by not letting them have their own way and requiring them to conform. What they fail to understand is that there is no constitutional provision protecting against their hurt feelings; there is one however that states people have the right to be secure in their persons. Although not the intent, at least they’ve got a leg to stand on. As for conforming, there are social and community rules we abide by as a culture. Rest assured that your culture will change if you allow it to happen. Make no mistake, I’m not telling CLT citizens what they should do, but I think it should have been their choice to decide under what rules to live by.

The second point they failed to address is on the other side of the curtain. Every day, there are men who are falsely accused of a rape accusation. With no cameras in restrooms (privacy right) there is no corroboration for the innocent to prove their story. And in cases of rape, you are assumed guilty until proven innocent, They have no response to this, but it does hurt their feelings to be accused of possibly lying. Well, gee whiz, who knew.

What about their want for this in the first place? Where does this desire to intermingle bathrooms come from? They couldn’t possibly be claiming “separate but equal” of old South here because presumably, they want tranny girls to be able to use the boys room too, but if they are arguing that point due to inferiority of men’s bathroom conditions, hell, that’s great! Maybe most men’s rooms can get an overdue makeover.

Then there’s the question of what about folks who disagree? IF this was presented before the city in a referendum so the people could decide what culture they want to live in, which it wasn’t, and IF the city approved it, where are the protections in place for the then-minority? Why not make it all public buildings, or govt owned buildings first, respecting an establishments right to not endorse (or believe or condone) things that may genuinely hold sincere religious objection to? What about their very real constitutional right to not be made to eat this crap, let alone pay for it, in freedom of religion? Right, right, trannies’ non-constitutional right to not have hurt feelings.

So now that the crap has been shoved down their throats in a “like it or not” typical govt big brother, we-know-best-way, what does the predominantly republican NC govt do? (CLT is uber liberal dem) They turn right back around and do the exact same thing they crucify lib-tards for on the freedom and liberty circuit but theirs is a more holy cause validating it because they’re morally right.

Awesome, Fucking awesome.

Thus the litany of companies and groups blindly pledging allegiance to the hashtag-ready cause they know nothing about nor have they thought about. So, stand the fuck by as we annihilate each and show why this should have stayed a local issue for the people of CLT to figure out.  You want to fuck up your community, be my guest. That is, and “of right out to be” (Jefferson in declaration) , your right as a community to govern yourselves,accordingly. What a terrific challenge and what a beautiful compromise of peace they could have worked out on their own if given the chance. Instead, it was decided for them and thus they were robbed of what TRULY makes our country so great.

see next post to see the retort to corporate cuckoldry.




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