PayPal can’t do Math

I hate you so I’m gonna hurt me so it hurts you. Yeah, they oughta show you…

News just hit the presses today about PayPal’s decision to abandon plans to build locally in the area because of NC’s law telling trannies to piss where God told them to. Funny how a company whose business is collecting money sucks at math. Let’s evaluate.

They said that they planned on bringing 400 jobs to the area. Lets assume that in that area for that level of work, the average annual salary for one of their processors and CSR’s was about $46,000. Not out of the realm of possibility. Lets also assume that most times, an employer typically expects to pay the employee 10% of what their productivity is. This doesn’t account for training, mistakes, insurance, FICA, etc. Just round numbers. This means PayPal on average could expect an average employee making 46,000 a year to produce $460,000 in revenue or value to the company. Here’s where it gets fucked up

400 jobs x 46,000$ each is roughly $18.4 million in lost potential income to the people. And less income by the same that NC gets to tax. (lets all say awww). But wait, thats also revenue lost for their company. 46,000 equals approximately $460,000 per worker in revenue or value added work, at 400 workers. That looks like this

400 workers x $460,000 revenue per = $184 million dollars in lost potential revenue to PayPal. Sure they can move someplace else, but again, as previously mentioned, these publicly traded companies are profit-whores, who will follow an idea as long as there is money behind it. Nothing wrong with that, but at least be honest about your motivation and don’t try to pretend to be a prima dona or carry the old school charm and culture of a mom and pop. Last I heard Vermont was telling them they’d be interested. Yeah, Vermont, cause everyone is dying to live in a refrigerator 9 months out of the year with weirdos like Bernie Sanders. Not exactly a market-rich environment no?

By the way, PayPal and others can accuse NC of having a dumb law. Thats fine, but keep in mind that 184 million lost revenue -18.4 million lost payroll= 165.6 million in still lost revenue. Take that 165.6 million and divided it by the 18.4 million dollar “mistake” and it sounds a lot like 9. That means that if NC law is dumb, PayPal’s fleeting sense of moral superiority is 9 times dumber. You’re right, that sure shows us!


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