I want more. A story of theft.

squawk 1

I never quite understood or got the whole premise behind the push for higher minimum wage. I just don’t. My reasons are many, and I will try to make a coherent argument using all of them, but just to get the most obvious one off my chest, its annoying as crap to hear these people squawk and scream and demand like a bunch of hungry banshees. I just want to ask one question….Who the fuck do you think you are?

Despite what you’ve been told, you are not a delicate flower. You are not special. And nobody owes you anything. Yes I agree with you wholeheartedly that life isn’t fair, I just also happen to believe that you can do something about that and that you should. That the responsibility for this lies on the individual. Now, dear reader, this hits early at the crux of the difference. For this I must give credit to Dennis Prager of Prager University, a conservative thinker. Visit his website or search him on youtube to see videos but suffice it to say this;

Liberals and Conservatives see the same problems and same conditions and came to wildly different conclusions of how we got there. Liberals blame society for problems and thus any attempt to right wrongs is done on societal level, using government and force. Conservatives look to themselves and can, usually, blame themselves and take responsibility for their own destiny. Thus they attempt to right wrongs by self-improvement which often does not involve govt and quite the contrary requires govt to remove itself as an obstacle.

Liberals look to where Society can fix its shortcomings. Conservatives look to where they as individuals can fix their shortcomings.responsibility

Notice figure above blaming others for life’s woes vs. pointing to himself and asking what he can do about it. 

Alex Robles
Alex Robles joins dozens of sign-holding protesters at a rally against low wages for fast-food workers, in front of a McDonald’s Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

Something tells me this is false, 30 minutes of work would buy you 2 McChicken Sandwiches and a Small fry. Water to drink makes it a meal. Something also tells me that tattoo you’re trying to conceal that probably covers the length of your right arm has something to do with your marketability to other jobs. Lastly, my grandfather always said the direction your hat is facing is the direction you’re headed in life. Dumbass. 

So the false narrative of the higher minimum wage is presented as a great injustice. That “its not fair!” Among other reasons why this is bullshit is because I personally have a great deal of control over my life. I don’t allow people to do unfair things to me; when something happens that is unfair, generally, it is because it was the government that did it. Sure there are times of victimization by actual crime, but in this sense it does not apply.

Government means force. Enforcement of laws boils down to police (law enforcement officers) being willing to take you into custody. If you resist to a point of where they consider you dangerous to yourself or them, they can shoot you. (Thank God for tasers which save lives) Think about that. Conservatives want to change themselves which doesn’t affect anyone else except them and their families and communities in a positive way. Liberals want to change everyone else BUT themselves, and want to do so using force of death or deprivation of liberty and coercion. 2 wildly different approaches.

Anyhow, getting back to the paragraph above last, I generally don’t allow unfair things to happen to me. How you ask? Is it because I’m white? Male? Slightly Educated? No. Its because I’m an informed consumer, highly skeptical of anyone not in my circle, and got taken for a ride once really, really bad on a raw deal. I was a victim alright…..of ignorance. I had no interest in learning these things before I got burned. Who’s fault is that? I certainly can’t blame the people taking advantage, they were doing their job. Their job was to be scum sucking pieces of shit. They were awesome at it. I had an obligation to my future, my dreams, and to myself to protect all that. I failed. One ironic part is that this wild ride I got taken for was due in great part to the govt and the fancy liberal ideas that somehow its smart to loan 18 yr olds tens of thousands of dollars they can never pay back for degrees that won’t get them jobs, in the name of being “educated.” Yeah….

The other ironic part is that it was only after I began looking inward did my perspective change. Sure, it feels good to blame someone else. And if you tell a lie long enough, you’ll begin to buy your own bullshit, but make no mistake: Your fucking perspective does not change reality. Your opinion, your feelings, your misconceptions, your “I didn’t know that”s, your “you didn’t tell me”s, all of it. It does not change anything. The simple reply to that is one an old commanding officer used to ask me; “Did you ask?” If you didn’t ask then you own 50% of the blame in getting ripped off. The legal term for this is called “Due Diligence.” It basically implies that you have a duty, an obligation as well. Old school folks used to call this shit Personal Responsibility. Today, its a redneck’s crash course in economics.

As a matter of fact, there are many people, of which I was one, who were in bad situations despite those descriptions I told you about above. And after I got hosed, I made a vow never to get screwed again. Enter their argument.

squawk 4

You’re right, nor is it supposed to. Better get to working on that skill set and resume. Your kids are gonna be looking for a good example to follow on how to get along in life. Don’t fuck them up and set them up for failure by pretending that its ok as a man to try and support a family on minimum wage. By doing this, you’re being immoral towards your family. And a bum.

  • Well nobody can live on today’s minimum wage

You’re exactly right, nor are you supposed to. I don’t agree with one at all as it prices some people out of the job market, but it is also more appropriately called entry level pay. You weren’t fucking meant to stay there forever sweetie, you were supposed to take advantage of the opportunity and move your ass up in the corporate world somewhere. The fact that you haven’t means that in the game of money, you have failed. The beautiful part about America is, its never too late to get back in the game and start winning.

  • Its not fair, they don’t give me 40 hours, and after taxes I don’t make enough to feed my kids.
  1. Why are you having kids if you’re broke?
  2. Nobody’s job to give you anything. Are you producing more than your peers to validate the extra hours? Hitting KPI’s? Even know what a KPI is in your industry?
  3. Yes, you should bitch about taxes, there’s a way to stop that (now were getting somewhere)
  4. If the terms of your work are unacceptable, why do you continue to work there?

Then the oh-so-enlightened ones come out

  • It would boost the economy and “help” the middle class. They would have more money to get a little bit ahead and would “stimulate the economy.”

Sorry, I had to shutter. Anyone who lived through the 2008 financial crisis should read the words “stimulate the economy” and have a chill run down their spine. This uncomfortable truth coming next is going to be rude, and deadly on point. There, liberals, there’s your trigger warning.

These people have proven they’re bad with money. Whether its on the income side of the equation in not having skills to merit the higher pay somewhere, the work ethic to seek out promotion opportunities, or on the spending side where every paycheck is spent in seconds, there is no savings which eventually could prove to provide a cushion should they quit their job and look for a better one. (“oh but I can’t afford to save!” Really, tell that to the illegal immigrants who scrap by and save enough to buy houses here.) In either case, now that they’ve proven they’re bad with money, you think the answer is to give them even more money?

By the way, where will this money come from?

  • The Rich! The millionaires and CEO’s! They gotta pay their fair share!

Lets leave alone for right now, that no liberal anywhere can EVER agree on a percentage that would suffice to tax “the rich” which has a loose definition at best. Lets tackle two items with the statement above.

  1. Rich people got rich by investing their money wisely. If they sat in a cave in Beverly Hills and hoarded $1 million dollars, they would only have $1 million dollars for about 4 hours. Why? Because eventually, they would get hungry and buy a $1 dollar hamburger. Now they no longer have $1million dollars. They have $999,999. Now add 3 meals a day, nice meals. A nice house, nice cars, plus extra shit like dance recitals for their kids, vacations, pools, TV’s and before you know it $1 million got spent pretty quick. If the rich want to remain rich, they must spend on shit that brings money back to them. Rednecks inherently don’t understand this word. Its called an asset.
  2. A big business is separate from the CEO’s bank account, so your decision will cost the business, but that CEO aint gonna take a pay cut. So you trying to hurt him to help you didn’t do that…what it did do was just hurt all your co-workers. Come on guys, they didn’t get to be CEO by being dumb. Why would they let poor little you steal their wealth? So if the company has its own financials, how will it hurt?

This is where I’m completely dumbfounded. To fast food workers, how do you think your salary or hourly wage is set? Do you think its an arbitrary ass number picked out of thin air? Your wage is a considered a operating cost to the company. Raise the operating costs of doing business, you end up having to raise prices too to earn a profit. Now, people like profit, so long as its theirs, but who’s really greedy here? These people can’t stand to see their friends have nicer shit than them from Kmart, let alone stand to see a friend earn more money. So of course its awful when the company makes a profit.

I like it when my company makes a profit; 1) that means they can hire more people and reduce my workload some.(HA, a guy can dream right) 2) it means the company can grow and my fear of not being able to provide for my family due to layoffs is reduced. 3) it can mean that the company’s new idea they’ve been wanting to launch which could mean new, different, or higher paying opportunities that they’ve been sitting on until they could fund it can finally happen. You never know, but you’ll never get to know if they don’t make a profit.

Because if not, you end up breaking even. I’ve run a business before. I can tell you. It is a metric fuckton of work. Its stressful, a headache, and boy is it risky. The only reason you would leave the warm confines of a secure job to go start your own business is for the incentive of making a profit. Think about it, if I am doing more work than I was before, but only breaking even, what’s the point of all the headache. This is the reason most companies and startups fail within the first 5 yrs.


Obviously Fucking Not

In another point of irony, most financially well-to-do people eat healthier than their lower income counter parts. No, this actually doesn’t have as much to do with prices of food as it does laziness in preparing it and personal choices. More lower income people eat fast food than do higher income folks. Why do I mention this?


squawk 3

No bitch, super size your resume, your hours, your skill set, your life

Lastly, one of the parts that irks the shit out of me enough to blog about this is that gnawing sense that its almost akin to stealing. That someone think’s they’re entitled to more of what’s in my pocket. That they feel ANY right to demand ANYTHING at all, let alone what I earned without giving any more value for it. The hubris and arrogance that takes is disgustingly appalling. And in the same second it turns to anger, because its second cousin is stealing. Make no mistake, they’re squawking and attempting to strike and riot etc, effects company income. I look at it as what if they were trying to do that to me, to hurt my income, to hurt my business, to take food away from my family, clothes off their back. And that’s when I get pissed. How fucking dare you think you have the right to demand ANYTHING from ANYONE? Go fuck yourself. Go kick rocks. Go pound sand, jump off a bridge, drink bleach and die. You worthless waste of life that you are so small minded and have so little creativity and class that you can’t approach your boss in a spirit of humility and ask. Ask, “excuse me ma’am, or sir, I’m interested in bettering my situation for my family and myself, what do I need to do to make myself more marketable to you?” Or by trying, “Sir, ma’am, is there any way I can earn more with the company by being a better employee?” Or, “Boss, how can I learn more about the business so I can be more productive, that way if a better position comes open you might consider me for it?”

A spirit of humility and genuine seek for improvement is the most attractive aspect for an employer entertaining the idea of hiring or promoting someone. Every business involves sales and learning to sell yourself is how you get more money. But you have no right to demand someone buy more of your bullshit or lack of value as an employee just as Coke doesn’t have the right to march into your home and demand you buy their product. To do so, especially with the threat of the Police State, is theft.

So put the fucking signs down, put your hair nets back on, PLEASE go wash your hands first, then get back to work. Because……..

squawk 5

Yet you’re here at some protest, instead of on the clock getting paid?


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