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California is a beautiful state from what I hear. The Beach Boys told me that they have the most beautiful women. Their Pacific Sunsets are probably awe-inspiring. Their natural resource capabilities and the range of environment you can live in there, from forests, to mountains, to beaches, to desert is unlimited. Too bad I’ll never see it due to shit like this.

Recently, Governor Jerry Brown signed 6 bills into law, and vetoed another 5. One of the ones he vetoed is up for referendum in November so he decided to no double up. the others he had various, ridiculous, emasculated reasons for. Why not just go for what you want? Why not push for a total and complete ban of all guns? Guns are dangerous right? Why not ban them? Its worked so well for Chicago…..wait.

The six he signed are the following;

  1. Senate Bill 1235: ,Requires background checks on ammunition purchases and creates a statewide tracking system for ammunition purchases. The bill depends on voters passing a similar initiative in November, though absent that approval the bill would ban ammuntion purchases for those barred from buying guns
  2. Senate Bill 880 and Assembly Bill 1135: Amends the definition of “assault weapon” to include semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines.
  3. Assembly Bill 1511: Limits gun loaning without a licensed firearms dealer to spouses or other family members.
  4. Assembly Bill 1695: Prohibits anyone who files a false gun-theft report to police from owning a gun for 10 years after conviction.
  5. Senate Bill 1446: Imposes fines beginning in July 2017 for anyone who owns a gun magazine that can hold more than 10 bullets.
  6. USA Today only listed 5. Because they can’t count. So I will only address the 5 they listed. I think it should be sufficient to prove a point.

First and foremost, understand that California already has a Gun-Ban aficionado’s paradise. They are among the strictest and most stringent in repressing Americans’ freedom granted by God and the bill of rights. So if you’re a liberal, you already love them. But these bills, passed in the wake of Orlando, are meant to pacify the masses. “DO SOMETHING!” the sheep cry out. And so they did.

The bills he signed will do nothing and would have done nothing to prevent any of the last mass shootings. Don’t believe me? Lets investigate.

Bill #1) Background checks on ammo.

My answer: Right, because so many people that fail a background check or get a wait answer to buy a gun say, “well, fuck it, even though I can’t get the gun, I’ll go ahead and take the ammo today.” Or the bad guys would say, “Gee, I know I am a convicted felon so I guess I can’t get any ammo for this piece of shit Glock that I filed the serial number off of. Too bad when I bought it on the street, that I can’t somehow convince my whore girlfriend Stacy to go in and buy the ammo for me. Especially being a skank crack-whore, I’m sure she’ll turn down buying ammo for a little crack.” Said NO FUCKING CRIMINAL EVER!!!!!! Instead, this “tracking system” will be to used keep a tight lid on preppers. If they can’t stockpile ammo, they can’t pull a “Bundy Brothers” and resist tyranny, now can they. Whether you agree with them or not, the Bundy gang showed us what the govt was willing to do to put down the insurrection, even if their case had merit. So much for the right to bear arms and resist tyranny. So much for the ability to resist oppression in a chaotic civil unrest situation like post-Katrina New Orleans and protect your family, knowing that you’ve got enough ammo. Nope. The govt knows exactly how much ammo you need and how man bad guys are going to attack you. They’ll allow you just that amount and no more. By the way, hope your ass is trained and a damn good shot so you don’t miss.

By the way, for those of you that haven’t bought ammo recently, they usually come in boxes of 50-100. That means in the last 14 “mass shooting rampages,” it only took about a 3 boxes total to kill everyone and we still had some left over. 1 box alone covered 11 of them. So the odds of this stopping a would-be assassin again?

Fuck it. Facts don’t matter. Just DO SOMETHING!

Bill #2) Redefining “Assault Weapons” to include any semi with detachable mag

My answer: Congratulations! You just classified this as an assault weapon

740 woodmaster

Remember that right to bear arms for hunting? Remember how the founders enshrined the right to guns in our Constitution for hunting? Yeah me neither, but for the libs that love it, and claim they want to protect hunting too, here you go. This is a Remington 740.It is based on the Remington 700 Platform whose esteem as a precision rifle in both the law enforcement / military communities as well as hunting community is unrivaled. Chambered in .308, .300 win mag, or .30-06 (all greek to libtards) this rifle is now classified as an assault weapon because of what? Detachable Magazine. Great job.

Libtards aren’t concerned with your rights or protection. And its embarrassing that California takes its policies from assholes who honestly have no expertise in the fields they make laws for. As a matter of fact, the last time I saw a gun that was California-legal, it looked like this.

super soaker

The purpose of a lethal detachable magazine? To keep pocket lint from getting on your bullets and maybe keep them from jingling in your pocket and scaring the deer away instead of loading them one by one. But I bet PETA would call that an unfair advantage because they had no chance to hear you coming.

By the way, the Remington 740, fine rifle that it is, was sadly used in absolutely Zero of the last 14 shooting rampages. Oh well, fuck it. Ban it.

Bill #3) Limit Guns loaning to spouses and family members without a FFL.

My answer: Cool so co-habitating adults that are “living in sin” will now be legally required to get right with Jesus and get married, or she’ll have to give back the gun he bought for the nightstand while he works the graveyard shift. Yeeeeaaahh……

Who the fuck is writing these? Out of the last 14 mass shootings, none have been by an assailant that borrowed a gun. None of them. Its either been stolen, gifted, or legally bought through a failed system that can’t investigate and stop a sale even when told about it by the gun shop. If you can’t take that kind of tip or hint on a test, sorry George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind, your ass deserves to fail.

Bill #4) Prohibits anyone who files a false gun-theft report to police from owning a gun for 10 years after conviction.

My Answer: Because we have so many people filing false gun-theft reports, right? ARE YOU ON CRACK?! This is a useless and meaningless law.

By the way, out of the last 14 mass shootings, none of the weapons used was a falsely reported-stolen gun.

Bill #5) Imposes fines beginning in July 2017 for anyone who owns a gun magazine that can hold more than 10 bullets.

My Answer: Ah, yet again, here it is. The benevolent govt here to save the day and to tell me how many bad guys I should be prepared for.

The most deadly mass shooting prior to Orlando was Viginia Tech. I wouldn’t expect USA Today to know this, because they can’t even count the number of bills in a law and match them up with the article, but the killer, Seung Hui-Cho killed 32 people without ever having used a magazine larger than 10 rounds.

Sorry Libtards, there’s this shit called reloading. It appears Hui-Cho knew about it.

Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people and wounded 680 others in the Oklahoma City Bombing. No magazine larger than 10 rounds was used. Tsarnaev brothers killed 3 and wounded 280 others at the boston marathon. No magazine larger than 10 rounds was used. Adam Lanza was killed inside the school with only handguns found on his person. None carried more than 10 rounds. His mothers stolen AR-15 was found in the trunk of the vehicle. That means out of 191 dead bodies, no magazine larger than 10 rounds was used.

Hell, if you ask me, that’s some damn good shooting.

The point is this; they didn’t all use guns, nor mags of a certain count. The tools they chose to kill their victims are insignificant. The question is 1) with laws on the books, how did laws not stop them? (Because they don’t fucking work, they’re criminals) 2) Out of all of the victims, not one was a concealed carrier.

Oh, and no mag larger than 10 rounds was used, meaning it would have done nothing to stop those mass-killings.



One thought on “Do Something!

  1. Everyone wants to do something to stop the killing. Me, included. But disarming the innocent will only enable more killing because the innocent will be the only one’s defenseless. Criminals DO NOT follow the rules! When will they ever get through their thick heads?!?!


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