PTFA in the Turkish Failed Coup

turkish coup

By the time of your reading this, the dust will have settled.

53 Military Officers and 53 Judges will be on trial for treason in Turkey and their penalty will most likely lead to death. The people in the photo above, in support of the “democratically elected” government will continue status quo. The “democratically elected govt” will claim moral superiority having been chosen by the people and will say that “law and order must stand,” and that “the power must belong to the people to decide.”

But one quote of all is telling….Chilling even. “Mr Erdoğan’s ambition of creating a one-man government with a union of the executive and legislative,” says Ergil, “is now much easier to be accomplished.”

It was never about the people after all.

Turkey is a US ally, but for a long while now has prevented us from using their airbase in support of missions against the hadj. Turkish support for the fight against ISIS has been about as warm and welcoming as holding a cold wet fish in a brown paper bag. The president there, much like our own, has been off galavanting and schmoozing with various world leaders including Putin, the Brotherhood, and others to no avail. So, technically speaking, the US cannot condone the coup going on, as the guy Erdogan and his fucked up country is a member of NATO and an ally. But strategically speaking, nothing could be better for us than if those coup-throwing motherfuckers succeeded.

The military leaders were tired of impotent leadership. By impotent leadership, I mean the kind of whiskey-dick limpness that a queer has when making out with a prom queen. We as Americans should recognize this well; after all we are engaged in the “war on global warming” while our countrymen are killed and beheaded without consequence. The military leaders had had enough following a recent jihadi attack at an Istanbul airport. They knew that the countries best interest lay in bettering their govt, fighting ISIS which is akin to fighting their own cousins as Turkey is 90% muslim. They wanted their country taken in a different direction but their voices were silenced by the ones in charge. Sound familiar? They planned, coordinated, and then launched the coup. Then it fell apart. Their intentions noble, but the sheep, the people, were already led to the slaughter of the party leader in charge.

Revolutionary rule #1: Don’t start a fight against The Man if you don’t have the political will of the people against The Man. In our own, The Man was King George. In theirs, it was this asshole Erdogan. Problem? The people liked this asshole, similar to today where half the people like our asshole, Obama.

There are some in this country who believe that Revolution is indeed around the corner, inevitable, for straying so far from where we’ve come and our roots. I will not say one way or another my thoughts on it. I will say that I pray to my Lord that it doesn’t have to come to it, even though all signs point to it some time in my lifetime. To every Patriot or Anarchist, you should be aware that tactically, the struggle would be unlike anything you’ve ever known. Our revolution was before aviation, heat radar technology, before frequency hopping radios, before tactics against insurgency were developed, before drones. If your idea of fun is planning the next one, you’ve got two of the biggest obstacles in the world that can serve to end it quick; a military that is second to none, that through fiat-currency attached to a printer supplies itself endlessly, that for 256 years has done nothing but honed its craft and gotten better and developed on all levels to close with and destroy any enemy conceivable. Once you’ve handled that, you’ll have to have a plan for every police department in the country as they have similarly followed suit for the last 60 years. Your work is cut out for you and I don’t envy your task.

But before you do, please Pay The Fuck Attention to what is going on in Turkey. Morally, those military leaders are probably right. Yet no one gives a shit. Their people are so enamored by the dogma and have eaten the propaganda hook, line, and sinker that it matters not who is actually correct. It only matters what you the masses will buy as a message. But that’s not factually correct? Well, “At this point, what difference does it make?”

Sound familiar?

I have encouraged on this blog that you read or watch Paul Harvey’s message about what happened to the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Freedom isn’t free. There will be a price that few are prepared to pay. These military leaders began a coup with half-heartedly devoted people who abandoned the cause quickly. Anytime a military leader attempts to usurp authority over a politically elected one, no matter if his cause is right and noble, he faces the stigma of a dictatorship and generally, the world is against him. Couple that with troops that fall quickly and a public that is in favor of the current guy, even if he’s bad and his policy is bad for the country and you are no longer a Patriot; you are a traitor. A traitor’s only punishment is death. Except if your last name is Bergdahl.

To Patriots and Anarchists, to Historians and Citizens, pay close attention to what is going on in Turkey and its failed coup. The reason it is a coup is because it failed; had it succeeded they would call it a different word. Indeed the only difference between the American Revolution and the Colonial Rebellion is the result-colored perspective. If you think there will ever come a time in this country where a revolution is yet to come again, you better start working on a degree in marketing for how to sell this to the populace. Should they not care, your efforts will be reduced to that of the Bundy brothers on the back of Page 3 under the results from the Powerball Lotto. I’m sure they thought they were ready for revolution against The Man too.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “A government powerful enough to give you everything you’ve ever wanted is powerful enough to take it away.” I might add, that if you don’t think that includes security, you’re a damn fool. A govt, a military, a police state that is powerful enough to regulate and enforce almost anything in our lives is certainly powerful enough that, save total population support of a common cause, they can also quell any uprising and spin it as a small petty dispute or “disturbing the peace.” And with the average family unable to decide on where to go for dinner or what show to catch on Netflix, you can guess the odds of a country standing behind a common cause like WW2 and Cold War-era America. They’ll put you on a terror watch list without warrant until they gather enough circumstantial bullshit they’ll call evidence, and then they’ll prosecute you under “conspiring against the government.” Then they too will take away your freedom and imprison you for an undisclosed period of time. If you refuse to play nice, they’ll kill you with a drone or a robot controlled explosive. USA, most moral of the bullies? Sure, but make no mistake, our govt. is as dirty as horseshit on the business end of things. Just ask a vet.

I’m not gonna say its not possible, for the lessons of the jihad over the last 13 years in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown that with a shoe-string budget, a local wal-mart, and a B student in high school Shop and Chemistry, that a small undermanned and underfunded force with less technology can certainly wreak havoc on and mire a superior fighting force down in some shit for quite a while. What I will say is before you go to endeavor in such an effort, you may want to look at Turkey. Tactically, they had the weapons. (unlike us nobody was bitching to ban semi-autos either, or putting bullshit ammo allotments in place, or making them register to buy ammo.) Operationally, they probably were self-sustaining, with good comms, and had a plan. Strategically, they were short sighted, and who knows if they had planned “what next?” But they lacked political will of the people. They were a military force under martial law, which always puts a bad taste in people’s mouths. The government figurehead may well have been an idiot, but he is a popular idiot, meaning if you defeat him, you’re only going to have pissed off citizens to now govern over. We could well call you Saddam. And should you fail, your attempt will be covered over in our Facebook news feed behind Fergie’s new boyfriend, J.Law’s new dress, and tips on back to school shopping and forgotten within an hour. And your reward will either be confiscation of your time and freedom or confiscation of your life.

For all Americans, there is value in studying Turkey. We’re not far from it ourselves. Should the day ever come here to roost, the result will rest upon what good students we were. I pray, for all our sakes that it never does. But history tells me that I should do one thing with this incident….






Following the last day of the Constitutional Convention in Independence Hall in 1787 where they were ironing out a few last wrinkles in how they would form our country, Ben Franklin was leaving when he was stopped by a woman in town. She asked, “Well Dr. Franklin, what have you given us? A republic or a monarchy?”


Brother Ben looked at her and said, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Here’s to the Republic, and keeping it.


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