Principles and Trump

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty to throw off such government and provide new guards for their future security.”

These words were written in the Declaration of Independence, right before Thomas Jefferson dropped the mic on what would be the most Epic Breakup Letter ever devised by man. I bring up this section of it now, the day after Donald J. Trump, a successful businessman and nationalist / populist / opportunist accepted the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

“True” conservatives don’t like him. Liberals despise him. So what’s there to love? Liberals despise much about this guy; he’s a successful white male who talks in plain english about uncomfortable truths which destroy any illusion of Utopia. That one is easy. But why do “true” conservatives like Ben Shapiro, Glenn Beck, and others or even some Libertarians hate him? They claim principle. I call bullshit.

Could it be that they’re jealous? Jealous that this guy just beat their guy? Not only their guy, Trump beat a crowded field of 17 candidates to be #1, it wasn’t like Hillary where she just waited 20 minutes until the DNC told the others to sit down for her coronation. In true free-market spirit, he had to compete, claw, fight, get dirty to win. He had to struggle through tough questioning the same as anyone and open debates as anyone. He had to answer tough questions with sometimes unpopular answers. My question to Beck and Shapiro is why didn’t you run? Both have nationally syndicated talk shows and big name recognition, why didn’t you run? Beck to his credit supported one of the men up there, arguably the most unlikable. Shapiro,too, supported Ted Cruz, and therein lies the problem.

Gentlemen, like it or not, Slick Willy is what you have to compete with. Everyone loved Reagan. Yes his policies were great, but great policy alone isn’t going to win you followers. Reagan had a charismatic personality, particularly with his famous sense of humor and one-liners, that conveyed in a Grandpa-like sense that everything was gonna be okay and that the sun was gonna rise tomorrow. You both may hate this, Shapiro and Beck, but welcome to America. The business of America is business. We sell shit and want to be sold to. We’re consumers. If you don’t like Trump, then exactly what in the fuck were you doing to market something better? 16 other people couldn’t market themselves better. But somehow you’re still disappointed? I consider myself at least street-wise enough to catch on to shit. Your insinuation is that I’m dumb for wanting Trump to win or betraying my values. No, I retain my values, and my pragmatic common sense. I know one man is not going to fix the issues of out time. I know that this man is not a “true” conservative. This man is a wrecking ball. And there’s some shit that needs to be wrecked. He wins the job.

Unfortunately, we are in a strong 2 party system. I wish there were a third party. I consider myself libertarian on many issues, but Gary Johnson is a joke and cannot be taken seriously. This is coming from a guy that voted for the clown last election because my only other choice was Obama or Obama-lite. I blamed the “true” conservatives then, for fielding “Mittens” who wasn’t ready. Mitt Romney had all the warmth and charm of a used car salesman who comes to your mother’s funeral to get you to sign that one paper you forgot to back at the dealership. His signature healthcare bill in Massachusetts was the basic foundation that Zeke Emmanuel and Johnathan Gruber used to create Obamacare. Then you fucking dips hits decide he is the person you want to put in the ring with the community organizer who is so skilled at lawyering that he talked an entire country into voting for his ass with no prior experience whatsoever in running shit. Right. You had 4 years to find your Messiah. You failed. And now the situation is dire:

  • We are one generation from losing the Supreme Court for 25-30 years, who has already fucked up a plethora of shit.
  • A student of history can tell you that the spread of ISIS and their activity mirrors the spread of the caliphate before the crusades began. I will tell you what the cuckolded bastards won’t; yes unfortunately, the “educated” ones, Shapiro and Beck. Islam is a problem. Not Jihadists, not Terrorists, not Islamic Extremists, no. Islam is a problem. Because their founding documents are based in mutual exclusivity, meaning if we are right, then you must be wrong. And if that is the case and we are right, and we believe we are, then you must die for being an apostate or an infidel, unfaithful to our god Allah.
  • We have created a welfare state government that manifests dependency and enslaves its citizens in poverty and despotism in return for the crumbs it allows, and leeches ever more power with the promise of better crumbs. Because of that, its women have married the government and expected it as her husband to provide, rather than a husband. With no expectation of men to be men, they don’t, and thus become animals. Only animals fornicate and procreate with multiple partners with no remorse or thought, and feed only their desires and passions as they come to them. Such is the case with black America, but also with other groups, just not as prevalent or obvious as when its black America. After all, there are no other groups chanting “we shall overcome”, destroying private and public property, beating peoples asses and killing authority figures in the name of trendy hashtag ready slogans.
  • We have authority figures that are not subject to justice. The IRS, the Secretary of State, the DoJ, the DoD, all the way down to some cops on the street. The law’s only merit and worth by the people is when it is respected by all and enforced equally. When the people lose that faith that it is applied equally, they lose respect for it. When respect for the law is lost, anarchy ensues.
  • We have raised a generation of people that with no skills, will travel from town to town like vagabonds and protest something they can’t speak intelligently about and that has no impact on society whatsoever. They do this because they were lied to and told they were special. They were given a trophy. And no one told them the hard truth that they sucked, at a lot of shit.

Shapiro is the only one who comes close to confronting this reality, which is all the more confusing why he hides behind the word “principles” with regards to Trump. In 2010, we tried principled people, in 2014 we tried principled people. NOTHING GOT DONE! Do I think Trump is the answer, I don’t know, maybe. Maybe he’s not, but if he’s not, he is so radical and populist that it just might force both sides to come to agreement on things and work together. Sometimes a little bit of crazy is just enough to reveal what the logical answer is. When you’re worried about the sea snail and protecting its habitat on the beach by not letting people enjoy it, sometimes you need the guy crazy enough to endorse beach-trashing parties and oil spills in order to come back to the middle ground of “hey, lets just try to keep the beach clean so everyone can enjoy it.” That’s Trump.

If you hate Trump, blame a Republican, not a Democrat. Their failure forced our hand. Desperate times call for Desperate measures. Read the above and tell me we’re not in desperate times. They brought out for 8 years their most extreme weapon, we need to bring out ours. Perhaps Trump will make the “true” conservatives so compelled that they actually start doing shit as opposed to just opposing anything Obama does, but never taking action because they’re pussies and afraid of veto. Again I ask, what was the alternative? At least with Trump we have a chance to succeed; show me one candidate on that stage that had the ability to win the middle independents? To unite the right? To actually win some lefties and defeat their lies with emotionally based arguments like they do, versus the technical, efficiency, based ones that we do. Libs argue “Repubs just want people to die and be thrown out into the streets cold with nothing to eat.” Then like a bunch of dumbasses, repubs start arguing over percentage points on a tax plan. They need to be fighting back with, “Why do you feel that its okay to steal my stuff? Why do you want to take away from me so much? You’re a bad person for stealing from my kids. My kids are now robbed thanks to you.” Changes the game a bit, no?

We the People were left with no choice. Powerful people in the GOP and conservative movements forced our hand on this, just like with Romney, by serving up a smorgasbord of unqualified crap. Pataki, Gilmore, Jindal, No name recognition. Should not have been taking up air time and been a distraction. Perry, Santorum, Huckabee, You had your chance and we told you no. All they did was rob time from others. Bush, your family name is tarnished. Should never have run. Christie, you’re as dirty as your state, no one believes the crap you’re saying. If you had merit it would only be in exposing the air that was Rubio’s substantive arguments. He was a wet behind the ears kid riding his mommy and daddy’s coattails, definitely out of his league and shouldn’t have been up there. Carson, also known as “Sleepy Ben,” has about all the energy of a sloth and then tried to solicit sympathy for not being able to play ball and hold his own in debates. Shouldn’t have been up there.

That left Carly, Trump, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz. Then John Kasich jumped in late in the game. Outside of Ohio, Kasich had little name recognition. His pursed lips and karate chop hand-motions almost distracted enough from his more-like-democrat positions. He would have been a great moderate candidate….for the Dems. Why the fuck was he up there so long? Rand brought some good arguments to the debates especially on trade and foreign policy, but he allowed Trump to get under his skin and show a temper. You’re done. Carly couldn’t gain traction after one good debate, but  believe if she could have gained more attention, she’d have been a hell of a candidate. That left Trump and Cruz. Cruz is shady as fuck. So is Trump. The difference? Trump admits he’s shady and is proud of it. Cruz tries to hide his and act innocent. No thanks. I have covered this in a previous post, but Cruz couldn’t establish popularity or trust. Popularity with an uninformed society is a must, but trust with the informed voters is crucial. He sucks balls.

That left us with Trump. So again, start the timers now. You’ve got 4 years conservatives. Figure it out. Come up with someone solid on policy, popular with voters, charismatic for the uninformed, intelligent for the informed, and that can articulate and persuade enough support from the middle and left to win. They’ve got to be able to handle with ease a ridiculous amount of primary debates and then also dispatch with malice the opponent from the other side. Last election, my guy was Newt Gingrich, who I think would have made Barry look like a puppet show with ease. But when you can’t get the right guy, and the people have been pushed for too long with shitty policy….or in another way of putting it, “when a long train of abuses and usurpations (y’all fucking up and sticking us with the crap policy), evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism (taking our shit or more than third of our earnings and “redistributing” it to bums), it is their right, it is their duty to throw off such government and provide new guards for their future security.”

Welcome Trump, the new Guard.


One thought on “Principles and Trump

  1. Who knows if Trump is the best choice. Time will tell (if elected). If anything he will stir up the political world and keep people on their toes. Maybe that’s what is needed….


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