Show and Tell at School, grown-ups version

Ran across this one recently and decided to throw some ol redneck thinking at it.

A Michigan parent recently openly carried a firearm on school property at an orientation day. Let me first start off by stating that I do not know Michigan state law regarding the carrying of firearms on school property or open carry for that matter. Let me also state that I have met many a Michigander and of the ones I have run across, they are among the most gun-safety conscious of anyone I’ve ever met. They’re usually almost as redneck as some Southerners, hunters and the like. Now that that’s out of the way;

The article basically explains that this guy openly carried to a school orientation, which according to the article is legal by Michigan law. The issue is with the school district policy that requires him to check in and advise the staff that he was armed and of his “proof of a permit” prior to entering with the weapon.

The article ends with some choch ass parent stating, “Why are you that fearful going into a school to bring your gun?” Lesley Schafer asked. “I wholeheartedly disagree with this particular law. I think it’s disgusting that people can open carry in an environment such as a school. It was irresponsible and puts mine and other children in danger.”

The last part of the article explained that “In Michigan, those who have a concealed pistol license are able to openly carry on school grounds; however, there are policies set in place at school districts to ensure student safety.” It also had spare space to use, I guess, so they added the tidbit that a lawmaker in Michigan is trying to make it illegal. The principle closed with, “Student safety is our first priority,” MacGregor said. “We have procedures in place to ensure student and staff safety if a weapon is brought on school grounds.”

Ok, lets un-pack this one problem at a time. To the State of Michigan, good for you for recognizing that gun-free zones don’t work and are a target-rich environment for an attacker. So Point #1 goes to Michigan for not being fully retarded. That honor goes to the choch-ass parent. will get to that fat ass in a minute.

Point #2, Michigan, if you’re going to allow open carry, then allow open carry. It is paradoxical for you to say, “Oh y’all can open carry, but you’ll need to get a concealed permit first.” Why? To learn the laws? You take on responsibility for knowing the laws the second you strap on a holster. Some people make a valid point that if folks are going to carry a gun, that they should be trained, screened, vetted, and responsible. Well, the laws and punitive codes handle the responsible part if they are careless. The problem I have with it is that to do all that other shit requires A) a bureaucracy to do all that crap and B) some pencil-pushing limp dick somewhere to determine what “right” is and what qualifies as good enough to pass for the govt. In my opinion, the more bullshit you put on a right, the less people can exercise it. We don’t put a minimum pay-to-play fee for dumbass journalists writing nonsense; for believers of false prophets or fake religions. We even provide an attorney for the accused if he cannot provide one for himself, without charge, and before any questioning. Why is the 2nd Amendment the only one whereby you must fork out money to the coffers before exercising your God-given and constitutionally protected (get that order right Libs!) right to bear arms? So Michigan, while I commend you for allowing it to be carried openly on school grounds, I condemn your double-sided talk out of your mouth and ass in paradoxically endorsing legal carry, but only if they have paid to play.

Unless you want to start giving free classes and examinations of shooting scenarios like driving tests and licensing folks to conceal with no fee….then not only are we cool with y’all, but I might consider sending folks your way. (Don’t plan on living north of the Mason Dixon, sorry. But thats a good idea for down here)

Point #3, If the gentleman carrying his gun didn’t comply with school policy, that is unacceptable and potentially risks other lawful carriers from exercising their rights. So to him I call him a bonehead, if he did that. But to the administration I also condemn their stupidity. I open carry from time to time in my native North Carolina. Guess what…..most everybody notices your sidearm. So if this guy was walking around looking like this…


…and y’all didn’t notice, then thats on your dumbass administration for not executing policy correctly. By his Facebook post, multiple times he received positive feedback and educated many people. Its not like this wasn’t known. He has responsibility to comply with all laws and procedures, no matter how stupid. School Administration has a responsibility to not be fucking stupid.

On a side note, if the school administration is so dense and obtuse as to completely miss the plain-as-day holstered gun on his hip, then they probably have absolutely no situational awareness whatsoever, thereby necessitating his having the gun in the first place. If they aren’t capable of maintaining awareness and vigilance for security, somebody has to be the adult in the room. I’m glad it was this guy.

Which brings us to Point #4….

To the stupid ass bubble guardian who spoke out so ineloquently, I respond in kind;

“Why are you that fearful going into a school to bring your gun?”

Sweetheart, I can promise you that if he’s properly trained and responsibly armed, that fearful is not how he’s feeling going into that school. Confident, watchful, protective, courageous, patriotic, maybe. But honey, he aint scared of shit, nor should he be.

“I wholeheartedly disagree with this particular law.

I wholeheartedly disagree with your particular face. Doesn’t mean I can do much about it. Nor does it mean that my opinion should mean much to you as yours doesn’t and shouldn’t mean shit to me. Why should the opinion of one not matter to others? Because her opinion quite obviously is based in ignorance. We shouldn’t base laws on feelings, or on whether or not you agree or disagree. They’re called rights honey, not likes.

“I think it’s disgusting that people can open carry in an environment such as a school. It was irresponsible and puts mine and other children in danger.”

I think its disgusting when absent minded libtard parents like yourself ignore the threats our communities and kids face in school today and in naïveté pretend like that gun-free zones protect kids. It was probably the most responsible thing anyone there did that day. And it put yours and others’ kids in safety and provided options than “sheltering in place” and waiting it out in a janitor closet. If the guy was a vet, it probably put them in the safest place they’d be in a while.

I can assure you, to this parent, his student’s safety and that of others around him was his first priority. And his “procedures in place to protect the safety” of those people was plainly worn, safely holstered, and there for all to see. Now where was the other parents’ gun?


One thought on “Show and Tell at School, grown-ups version

  1. “IF” there had been a threat enter that the school on that day I’ll bet the first thing she would have thought of is, “Where is the guy with the gun?” And I’ll bet she would have ran to hide behind him, just knowing that he’s gonna protect them and anyone else possible.
    Why do people not understand that if someone carries a firearm in plain sight that they are not the enemy. If someone is up to no good they will not reveal their weapon until they are ready to make their move.


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