How Will You Pay For It?

How are you going to pay for it?

Why we as responsible adults do not  demand our kids to answer this question is incomprehensible. We as adults watch as each other struggles with the effects of debt, income, marketability and so on. Save Academia (well get to that in a minute) & of course, Gov’t Bureaucrats, there is no industry that doesn’t have to participate in the economy. At some point we all want to be paid someone else’s money. And short of stealing, the only way to do that, and get them to do it willingly, is to fulfill a need or want with a good or service.

I make an exception for academia because the nature of their “business” is to think up crap that may or may not work, kick it around each others opinions (“peer based review periodicals”), present it as true, debate it to death, to which the end state of whether true or false doesn’t matter, for having even discussed it and formed an opinion we are now so much more enlightened, thus was as our mission from the start.

What A Load of Shit.

Even in entertainment, the industry responds with what the people demand, but in higher education no one demands this. What people want is the ability to better provide for themselves and families; the great charade of it all is that the colleges have done a convincing job or telling you that you can’t get ahead without it. (Marketing at its finest even if it is a bullshit industry) Now for certain trades, this is true. Granted, it may take more dedicated research to practice medicine or design vehicles. But if those were the only majors, the potential pool of customers would be rather low. Nah, instead, lets offer courses of steady that might have interest regardless of whether or not they are in demand. And just alike we’ll market them in the same bunch. So we take these classes in history, international studies, 17th century lesbian studies, the effects of seahorse migration on algae, English, world religions, art, without a second thought as to how they may further make us more marketable.

The problem with these particular fields isn’t the study of them; it’s that the jokers teaching this shit also want to be paid. And they don’t want to be paid less than their peers, that may offend their feelings and sensibilities. They work in the fanciest of buildings and DESERVE to be paid well.

You always got to be careful with that dangerous word “deserve;” it denotes opinion. You only deserve what the market is willing to give.

So the colleges figure out that they’ve got the folks fooled. Excuse me, “sold,” and now the pool of wanting buyers is bigger. This could mean more customers and more money. If only they could figure out a way for them to finance this scheme…

Welcome to subsidized loans. Subsidized is a German word, meaning “eat the cost of.” This is where I tell you, the people, with a straight face that you should pay for people you’ve never met and have not vetted to “learn” under so-called “experts” how to think like them about subjects that have absolutely no impact on your life whatsoever. And no, they don’t benefit the community.

Examples include Social Justice, Systemic Racism, Income Inequality, Gender Identity, believing that converts “succumbing” to radicalization of Islam as a third party existential experience they had no choice in, as if they are victims, etc….the list goes on.

You don’t get a say in what they study, you don’t get to interview them and get a sense of their personality. You don’t get to investigate their work history or work ethic in a real job, just opinions vouched for by other so-called “educators” in the form of arbitrary grades. You don’t get to apportion the money based on statistical probability of ability to pay back. You just get to shut up and open your pocket. Oh, and not judge…….yeeeaaah.

So if you all are gonna be forced to pay whether you like it or not, and have no metric or power to condition  what is done with the money, and if it is going to be available, perpetually every year as far as the eye can see, what am I gonna do as a business model if I’m a college? Charge the shit out you as much as I can get away with. And I’m gonna let my marketing department go wild.

Welcome to how the price of higher education in America has skyrocketed.

What a bubble. I wonder how it’ll burst.

The bad part for you is as is typical when people make bad investments, they usually have to write them off. And write them off you do, in the form of millions of dollars as every year hundreds of thousands of these enlightened, yet somehow unemployed pupils defaults on their loans. Default is a German word meaning “can’t and never could pay back.” The end result in a lot of cases is settlement for pennies on the dollar. Again, in a first person business transaction this type of deal would happen worst case twice before the market would demand a stop to the madness in the form of correction or bankruptcy. But in 3rd party transactions, the results aren’t as easily or quickly seen. Especially when the third parties own 3 printing presses to make it look like the losses really weren’t as bad. (Fancy name for that shit is quantitative easing and debt ceiling increases.)

And so the madness continues…

Bottom line: Parents, if you truly love your children, why would you set them up for failure? Yes, just telling your kid to go to college and get a good job is insufficient. It takes a little more effort to look at your sweet petunia, examine his or her strengths and weaknesses, and constantly talk to them about their own marketability. It takes the undying love of a parent to deny a child something they want when its to their own detriment. In a frantic voice, you’d tell your child “No! Are you crazy?! I love you and will not let you run out and play in traffic.” “No! Are your crazy?! You’re in fucking high school, I will not let you run off to Mexico with a guy you just met thats 10 yrs older than you because he’s in a “band.” and “No! Are you Crazy?! I love you too much to let you major in something ridiculous and laughable only to cry when you’re unable to make the student loan payments each month and can’t qualify to buy your own home. No.”

“Well,” they say, “I thought I’d go to school for a year or two and figure it out.”

No, dumbass, you’ll stay home and work and figure it out. Earning the money to cover those first two years. If you’re going to wander a while, at least make some damn money while you’re doing it, so that when you’re ready and have a plan, you can finance your decision. Stupidity is going ahead anyway on an exorbitantly high cost trip to live someplace for two years being spoon fed garbage until you “figure it out.”

“Well lots of kids do it. Many change majors two and three times…”

And graduate in 6 or 7 years. The answer is no. Most people think of starting their lives when they get out of school. My hope for my son, if we’ve taught him right, is to graduate as soon as possible, as debt free as possible. If he needs to stay an additional year to qualify for a masters, so be it. But when he is through, he’ll want to house hunt. Hard to do that with a $450 dollar a month car payment (national average) and an entry level position making coffee somewhere. So, his plan better be to maintain what car he has now, to not make each spring break an international affair. I don’t care what kids his age are doing, nor should he. I want him to be weird by graduating debt free, owning a paid for car, and living in a house within his means that in 10-15 years he’ll own and can sell or rent for income. I want him to be weird as fuck, because normalcy is retarded.

It is a fact that the average American works 4 months to pay the taxes he owes to Uncle Sam, and 4 more months to cover the consumer debt that paid for christmas with an average “stupid tax” or APR% of 15%. That means he must pay bills, keep the lights on, and feed a family based on only 4 months of work? No wonder most couples have both parties working.

Now, these young people are practically legal adults at this stage in their lives, so the decisions will be his. But I can certainly steer him with persuasion one way, and refusal to financially endorse his stupidity the other. Hopefully, we’ll have raised him with enough sense and our thoughts still mean a damn to impact his decisions. I implore each of as parents to honestly examine your own lives and that of your friends you may know. Ask yourself have I done everything I can to help set them up for a better position than I was. If you can honestly say yes, then great. Why are you still reading this? But if there’s a hint of uncertainty, or something quiet saying, “I might still be able to do more,” whether they’re 2 or 22, I’d push hard to talk with them, and perhaps change their perspective.


3 thoughts on “How Will You Pay For It?

  1. Good points! So many are stuck on, “get yourself in college as soon as you graduate college”. Most kids aren’t really sure what it is they wanna be when they grow up. I still don’t! lol


  2. Thanks Becky, always good to hear your comments. Yes, I agree, many don’t. And thats fine, there is nothing wrong with that. But in the meantime, burying yourself in student debt or other consumer debt on your “college experience” is dumb. What’s dumber is “we the people” financing this decision with subsidized student loans. Ridiculous.


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