Election Day, pt 4

And at first, the resentment and opposition was calm. It began with the Tea Party. And I’ve covered this again and again on my previous posts, “but when a long train of abuses and usurpations, evinces a design to compel them to despotism….

What does “abuses and usurpations” look like? How about 235 mostly unconstitutional law avoiding executive orders? How about gross misuse of authority claiming he only needed a phone and a pen to legislate? On every front we were continuously met with a black guy’s middle finger every time we tried bringing up legitimate issues. Quite literally, he didn’t speak for us and didn’t consider others thoughts, only his own selfish interests. He was a pussy on all foreign fronts. His global diplomacy put us all in greater jeopardy and risk, as evidenced by 19 separate terror attacks on his watch. His lack of leadership and despise of the police instigated and fueled relations in America that are at their most hostile levels.

Here’s the sad part; if he expressed genuine concern and empathy, admitted that his failed approach wasn’t working, I probably could have forgave it and supported him nonetheless.  It wasn’t his stupidity, it was his arrogance, his holier-than-thou, his cockiness, his constant middle finger approach to dealing with others. That’s what fueled Obama hate.

Well, democrats frequently forget the lessons of history, so allow me to remind them. You ought to be fucking careful not giving a fuck about other people’s thoughts and opinions, especially when your guy is in charge; because one day, when your guy aint in charge anymore, they won’t give a fuck about yours.

And truly we don’t.

We don’t give a fuck anymore. Sexual harassment? Don’t care. Racism? So what. Gender Inequality? Could care less. “Peaceful Muslims?” Yeah, fuck them too. You assholes are gonna find out why you should have policed your own. Now we’ll have it our way and make it the way it should have been all along. We tried to work with you dumbasses and your fucking bleeding heart ideals. Oh well, too late for that shit now.

Today you finally get to find out why you should be careful with a double edged sword, cause it cuts both ways.

Barack Obama has been a failed president in every way. Mitt Romeny was Obama-light and didn’t express out views as accurately as Trump does. Ms. Clinton is unlikable and unfathomable in every way. I have found more and more, that my path, the second half after my epiphany was the American Dream. The lie that was the first half was the fallacy of the failed Liberal Democratic Progressive policies.

Lastly, to all the “vibrant youths” and BLM supporters, the liberals, the hollywood elites, the college kids that know so much about nothing, the violence peddlers, the race baiters, the femi-nazis, and all their friends….

You better hope and pray to whatever pagan god you believe it that we treat you better than you have treated us. But if we don’t, and if we return in kind the treatment you have dished out to us, not only will it be sweet apropos justice, but you will have earned it back in fold.

God Bless Donald Trump. God Bless the Republic. Long live Liberty! and God Bless the United States of America.

And to every person who disagrees, fuck you. Now Kill yourself.


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