Election Riot


So following the election of Barack Obama in ’12, does anyone remember the riots? Remember how the republican electorate took off from work and rioted in the streets and called bullshit and said we weren’t going to take it anymore?

Yeah, me neither.

That was after 4 years of crap. 4 years of “fundamentally transforming America” into a pile of poo so deep no one gave a literal crap anymore. What I don’t get is this; for 8 years, we have been forced to take choking gulps of shit sandwiches made by this man. We’ve pretty much be maligned and told that our opinion is of no consequence or concern. We didn’t start out hating him this much, no, that takes talent. You really have to work hard to achieve that level of disdain. My problem with these banshees is simple….

Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet. He’s been President-Elect 20 minutes and you assholes feel entitled to break other people’s stuff.


Reports are that a mob in chicago beat a man badly because he voted for Trump. It would have had to have happened in chicago. Anywhere else they would have been shot until there was no ammo left.


The above picture on the left is what I believe is the most obvious case-in-point for the validation of ownership of AR-15 rifles. From a tactical level, how do you want me to defend myself and my family against that? From an operational level, how do you expect to get backup and responding units or paramedics through that shit? From a strategic level, does this embody respect for the law? Is this what you want us to look like? How do you quell this?


Yes, thank you for hiding your face. From the look of the rest of your body, you’re doing us a favor. As for the above pic with police car destroyed, I pose this question to any law enforcement reading this;

I was trained in military service to work my way back to my vehicle and to work from my vehicle. Indeed even in mounted patrolling ops, you leave a driver and a gunner in the truck while the rest go play. When you saw that big ass crowd headed your way, why didn’t you get in your car and leave? The case for self-defense if you ran over a few of them does exist I assure you. But what was your reasoning in that?

American Flag

Bottom line, this flag now means something again, and soon you will figure out why. My advice to you is simple. You now, in true tolerance and fairness (don’t y’all like those terms) need to accept and acquiesce the changes we are bringing about. Who knows you might even like them. Regardless, it is now finally your turn to shut the fuck up and swallow it. Maybe next time you’re in charge you’ll remind your own party about the double edged sword of power and be wise to keep it in check. “Oh but do two wrongs make a right?” No, they don’t. Who said this was a wrong? It will take the same authority to unfuck us as it has to fuck us.

And by the way, to the enlightened ones doing this, you have an open invitation to come to the South out to the country and march through our roads and try to destroy anything you want. My advice to you is you may want to start remembering what the above flag stands for and not try, or you’ll find out exactly what the flag below stands for and end up like Trayvon and Mike Brown.


Polite gentle warning: Stop while you’re still alive. Keep it to your liberal pussy cities that will put up with it. Contain your violence to your own shithole neighborhoods that you deserve to wallow in. When you can act like a civilized fucking adult and ask “how can I better myself and my own lot in life by my actions?” Then we can talk. As long as it is, “Im going to throw a tantrum and do what I want and be a hoodlum thug,” well, you’ll be treated like one too. You’ll not be hired, you’ll get fired, you’ll be arrested after your rights are violated, you’ll be processed through a court system that doesn’t give a shit about you and only sees you as a black male and you’ll be imprisoned.

And thats in states with low gun ownership where you’ll at least make it that far.

Again, a warning. You deserve this, and it may even help you. But I’m pleading with you. Stop this now, before you fuck with the wrong people who destroy you and your kind. For a hundred years they’ll decry what happens to you, and science will struggle to explain the effect on your desecrated, disgusting, leftover body.

This is OUR country. The shit you should have been doing was called assimilation. We’ll still welcome you. But it is only by assimilation to our laws and our way of life that you stay. Otherwise you go, one way or another.


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