Generation Fight – A Series pt 3

Of course, when boomers failed as parents to many Gen X’ers, the Gen X’ers try their best to parent to millennials better than they had, but they find boomers still being selfish in their decision making and advising X’ers to do stupid shit, if they advise at all. Most through apathy, don’t even discuss adult subjects with their kids. Buying a car, saving for retirement, buying a house, career planning, child rearing or family planning. Nope, they trust the govt to do it, after all, “the govt should do something” right? Thus the X’ers do their best to figure it out. All the while both boomers and X’ers continue to debt-finance stupidity. Buying overpriced cars they can’t afford, “leveraging” their homes for vacations or home improvement projects, borrowing from 401K’s at tremendous penalties. X’er’s look to Boomers who were too busy doing LSD and partying that they didn’t learn about these before going deeply in debt. They see this as normal, and then start to take it as the gospel way of doing things.

Things that their Greatest Gen Grand parents would have cried foul over, they do without hesitation. Buying three times more house than you need because you can finance it longer, buying more house than you need because you are planning on selling it in a few years after improving it for a profit, not putting any money down at all before purchasing a home, and expecting to make house payments even into old age. Not saving for retirement at all, not having a safety net emergency fund, depending on high interest credit cards to live month to month, paycheck to paycheck, week to week. Filing for bankruptcy to avoid bad decisions and their consequences, then buying another boat, as a consolation prize for winning the stupid lottery. Paying for christmas, vacation, or other niceties on credit, borrowed money. As long as they can make the monthly payments right?

Millennials have watched it all, and almost instinctively have known something wasn’t quite right. They too, borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars to get degrees in crap that isn’t in demand in the market. Their great grandparents would have asked hard questions; you want how much? to study what? and how many of those are there around? Their grandparents began the lie; “it doesn’t matter what you get a degree in, miraculously, your life will be so much better than mine if you just have a piece of paper.” It turns out, it doesn’t matter how dressed up it is, stupid is stupid, and broke is broke. Bad decisions are bad if spoken in laymen’s terms or eloquent Ph.D. papers.

In 2008, Millennials got to see first hand what happens when you believe the lies. Lies like “real estate never loses value,” along with “student debt isn’t bad debt, its good debt because it makes you money.” Really? Ask the art history major who works at papa john’s trying to pay student debt payments that cost more than a house. Oh, and that “good debt”… not bankruptable, ever. Now millions owe for education, to the tune of $902 Billion dollars, most of it to the federal govt. To put that in perspective, you’d have to have 11 people with the totality of their life amounting to Donald Trump’s net worth to equal that.

Now that these young people are in shit jobs, the X’ers trying to help but strapped themselves trying to get them through and out of college, pay for their lives, try to have one, and start saving (all too late) for retirement, the Boomers are bitching about their Medicare, their entitlements, their Social Security. Keep in mind these same dumbasses, boomers, are the ones that voted to pay for 2 wars on credit and then voted the people in who raided the SSN chest to pay for it. Now because of years of their bad decisions, they’re on Social Security or Disability. And they want demand that you pay for their sins. My Aunt went to Daytona Beach as a youth and got her first tattoo at the hand of a dirty needle; she contracted Hep C from that. Years later when she faced liver transplant or die, do you think she had the foresight to save for emergencies? To have insurance? No, she depended on the younger generations to pay for her medical needs due to her stupidity, and then left her kids with nothing as her land and home were repossessed. This applies to smokers, obesity, diabetes, and others.

The bible says, “a wise man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children.” It doesn’t say a mediocre parent can leave a shit load of debt or bills. It doesn’t say its ok not to have life insurance to pay for you HBO so that your kids can figure it the fuck out when you die, and fight over shit because you weren’t responsible and left a will.

The good news is that an awakening is beginning to take place in most Millenials, finding out that this way of life they’ve been taught is bullshit. No, we don’t fucking take a vacation every year just because our parents and grandparents did. Guess what they did differently? The grands saved money and worked their ass off, sometimes 2 jobs. Boomers barely worked a 40, bitched about working that, and debt-financed their vacation. X’ers rarely take vacations, and when they do, they usually follow the Boomers’ lead. Which will the Millenials take? If they refuse to go somewhere opting for more “staycations,” that may indicate they’re more prone to follow their great grands in the Greatest Gen. This is good news on a national level. “Oh but what about the economy? There are businesses that survive off that vacation.” says the kool-aid drinking Boomer. Yep, and there are still enough of you dumbasses alive to keep him in business for a while. Eventually however, he’ll have to lower prices and be more competitive or offer better value, thereby making it better for all. Millennials are forward looking in many ways more than the immediate gratification of the Boomers. Think about it; the major policy change Boomers gave us were the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, and Medicare Part D expansion, as well as No Child Left Behind. Millennials will bring within the next 10 years, Health Savings Accounts, repeal of the Estate Tax, School Choice Vouchers, and end state line limits on insurance companies.


2 thoughts on “Generation Fight – A Series pt 3

  1. “Buying three times more house than you need because you can finance it longer”

    HA HA HA HA HA. The killing joke huh? It has nothing do do with not wanting to live in a neighborhood where their daughters will be raped, their sons beaten, their cars broken into, and housed robed?

    Those places are expensive and always seem to have a certain lack of color. Moloch whispers raycissssssssss.


    1. True, Price as always is a filter, and filters out to a lot of degree those miscreants of no virtue, but to pretend this is needed to the tune of almost half a million dollars is ludicrous. You can also avoid many of those incidents in a rural trailer park, at low cost. I’m not endorsing that end of the scale, but I believe yes, you can be choosy, select the pigment or lack thereof of your choosing and live amongst like minded and like spirited people, and do it within the framework of a fucking budget. This isn’t either or.

      Moloch may be right, but then again, so was what my Olegrandpasaid


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