Happy New Year! Now, Fuck you cuz you’re white.


View the preceding video in its entirety. I want it on record that when this starts, when this second civil unrest starts, that it shall be recorded that we did not start this. That those of us who went about the work of our ancestors, raising a family, going to work each day, making our communities better; that we did not want this.

But by God, we should end it. And end it powerfully.

The asinine black commentator at the end immediately after giving the obligatory acknowledgement of “this is wrong” which he had to be chided and coerced to agree with, instantly jumps to praising Joe Biden, then lectures about how its time to sit down and talk as Americans.

No, motherfucker. The time for discussion has ended. Your people weren’t very interested in discussion of differing view points, they were interested in kidnapping and torture. Your people weren’t interested in civil discussion and change. They were interested earlier this year in civil unrest and destruction of property and endangerment and targeting of anyone not black.

Besides…even if we were willing to sit down, for the 80th time, what would this accomplish? To what end?

No. There is only one characteristic the sinful foul ones understand. And uniquely, it spans languages, cultures, races, and even sexes. Those that mean harm against you only understand one thing; their selfish desire to live hedonistically and the ability and willingness, or not, of another to end that life short if they fuck with you. End of statement.

Keep this crap up. Its coming. Sooner than you know.


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