Write the blank check out to MOAR, Please.

I have a friend who I joke with about how many guns are enough. The answer to the question is how much supplies do you need to be prepared, or how much are liberals ok with confiscating from a working man….MORE!!!! But for good measure, and as a joke, we spell it weird. Because ironically, the rednecks prepping and the liberals crying in their emoticons can’t spell it properly anyway.

Enter this link to an article written, supposedly, by a white pastor and lawyer, Oliver Thomas. This white guilt dramatic novel is a half-historically correct account of his lifelong quest of self-loathing as he brags about being asked to speak at a black church, all the while humbly admitting that frankly he has no business doing so. If you’re confused, have no fear, this kind of double talk makes no sense to anybody.

Mr. Thomas makes some valid points, to be sure, but kinda skips over a lot of history in the meanwhile. The essence of his article is that whites will never understand what is like to be black. I concur with this. He goes on tacitly to imply that the “debt” owed to them will never be paid back and that this deep racial divide will never be undone. But that if we were to try to undo it, we should start by listening.

Let me recap:

  1. You’ll never understand the situation
  2. The debt owed to them will never be able to be paid back
  3. But if you did want to start paying on that debt, you could start by listening

This nonsense brought to you by the same people who said that we should “sit down and talk” about race relations in order to heal the great divide.

Or how about we not?

How about we stop blaming a group of people for what another group of people did 200 years ago? How about we ask one group of people to quit standing on the graves of their ancestors in order to get a EBT card? How about we stop excusing violent culture and behavior as animals, saying in a bizarre twist of reverse racism “they can’t help it,” and demand that equal rights come with equal expectations?

I have always thought it was hubris for civil rights bullies to be bitching about rich white men in this country, when in many cases, it was the rich white men that allowed their cause…

For example; the black man and woman today has equal rights under the law, more than equal protection, more than equal representation per capita, more than equal opportunity. They are shielded in business and in life by the veil of the appearance of “racism,” a veil they’re not above throwing over you at any time of their delight. But this was allowed to start why? The only reason they have a legitimate claim to any voice at all is because of the perfect ideas enumerated in the Constitution. Notice that I said perfect ideas, not perfect men.

These men were flawed. Indeed the most ardent opponent of slavery was a slave holder himself. But no matter your taste in politics, when told to put in a clause in the declaration for the rights to life, liberty, and property, it took a special mind to foresee what “property” some of these men, namely large plantation owners, had in mind. And it took sheer brilliance to come up with the correct answer of “pursuit of happiness,” understanding that that would pacify the situation at the time for a fledgling republic and let the courts decide the matter of property in due time, and after a short 4 year, 100,000 life war.

I’m not saying it was perfect. But understand this before biting the hand that feeds you, had it not been for the ideas in that document, the black race in America would literally not have a leg to stand on. For all the bitching about police brutality and usurpation of rights, you’d have no rights to usurp and would just continuously earn an ass-beating if not for the rights dictated in that document and given to all men from God.

Second, speaking of the hand that feeds you, there aren’t many blacks clamoring to climb to the top of the food chain at work. The blacks who are climbing the ladder recognize that success has a lot less to do with what you look like than how you speak, how you act, how you work, and how you treat others. Those that are successful do not blame others for their “disadvantage” and typically treat their success with admiration and humility and thanks to God for the opportunity. That opportunity is everywhere.

The author of the article is wrong. Yes, after a civil rights act, a voting act, too many social programs to count specifically designed to target blacks, 2 black Attorney Generals (both sucked), multiple black secretaries of State (ironically both good), and yes, a very, very bad black president that, mind you, was re-elected by this same racist country for a second term (despite our best sense and efforts), yes after all this; I’d say the ability of any one person black or guilt-ridden white to claim racism in America is flat-out bullshit.

As for the sins of history, the abuse that slaves took. Look, whites have taken abuse in droves for years, as have blacks, from blacks. Our prison population and black pop culture demonstrates clearly. I will not feel bad for shit I had no control over, just as I won’t be made to feel bad for killing 6 million Jews because I’m part German. What I take pride in, is that the country I identify with, have served, and love dearly, was a big damn part of the solution, not the problem. And in case this asshole pastor forgets, America was too, to this “debt” he has made up. Slavery existed for thousands of years before it got to America, but I’m pretty sure here, this place, is the first of where it ended. And for a thousand year practice to end only 90 years young into our existence all because “some rich white dude” thought it right to grant those rights because it was consistent with our values, demonstrates the height of how great we are as a place and as a virtue to live up to.

Keep in mind that for many years afterward, those blacks that were now free would earn a living for their families in white-owned factories and mills. While that may disgust you, and indeed it might, keep in mind that you can be disgusted while your belly is full and you are clothed. When your ass is hungry and have no skills, you call a job that pays your bills and provides a special word that most today have forgotten; a “blessing.” A lot of racism in the dollars Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sammy Davis Jr. pocketed from white folks who attended their concerts huh? As I’m sure they didn’t want to pay for the sports venues with legends Hank Aaron or Willie Mays or Jackie Robinson, but reluctantly did it as their eyes spied with wonder new sports records, right?

No, Mr. Thomas. We’re done listening, because the times have changed, but the story hasn’t. You mention Mr. De Niro and Mr. Bowie’s marriage to black women, without acknowledging that without predominantly white law enforcement enforcing laws on the books thanks to predominantly white judges, seeing validity in the case of blacks due to a document written ENTIRELY by rich white men, that both Bowie and De Niro would be lawfully lynched and no one would bat an eye or miss their kindred souls. And as he plainly points out, Southerners would most likely handle this. Ever wonder why Southerners had such an aversion to what would happen should the black population get out of control? Did you see what happened in Charlotte this summer? Have you ever been to Atlanta? These neighborhoods you speak of that they were “maligned” to live in, many were by choice. And I take it you’re unfamiliar with construction, but 2×4’s and nails know no skin color; blacks have just as much ability to transform their neighborhoods brick by brick and board by board or fall into poverty as the white man. But the problem is, to beautify and transform a neighborhood takes respect for property and respect for each other. Two black men not respecting each other or trying to kill each other is not my fault, Mr. Thomas. For that, you should go find a local Democrat.

Blacks aren’t without sin, Mr. Thomas, and it seems that the more whites are “forced” to learn from theirs, the more blacks are simply “excused” for theirs. Here’s another phrase Southerners believe in: “What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.”

Or put another way, “With liberty and justice for all.” You’ve got the liberty part down pat pretty well, as you have taken such to bash just about everything wrong with your own people. Now how about practicing the justice part and asking the black man to hold his own people accountable. Or is it truly that “Black Lives Matter,” and none other do? If you truly believe this, then I applaud you. And encourage you to be murdered as the cuck you are while your own wife raped and home robbed. Because the essence of your argument is that we should allow this to happen in a true turn of virtue signaling, the failure of which, would only prove your point of racism.

Mr. Thomas, have you heard yourself talk?

As for your first three points, no. We’re done. If the premise of your argument stated above is true, then listening and talking is futile, which I believe it is. The cards have been dealt, now it is time for black Americans to play their hand. We’re done listening to the bitching as we have been doing that since the man who spurred your precious article today opened his mouth. We have talked this to death with no avail. Like any good sport, including business, put up or shut up. One reason I like “Shark Tank” businessman and investor Daymond John is because he truly catered to his own people. There was no definitive brand for urban black Americans before FUBU. He developed it, branded it and sold millions, building his business into mega-millions and then began buying others. No excuses. Did he bitch when white-wannabe gangsters bought his clothes in the late 90’s? Prolly not. Were they promptly made fun of as my cousin was in middle school? Yes!!! This was a brand that was literally made for them; FUBU was an acronym of For Us By Us. Imagine that, a black guy, developed a product, marketed to his own people, and made it a business. Asked law enforcement at all levels to protect his intellectual property, actual property, and real estate property, and all the while made the lives of millions of people associated with this company better. Hmmmm.

I wonder what rich white guy gave him the idea for FUBU. Or did he simply work for it?

Black people, we’re done listening to your bitching and crying. Your problem is that there are too many success stories now of people of your own kind to cry foul. And after years OF listening, we are all now clear that you own a majority stake in this problem at this point, as yes, every measure of history that could be corrected has been. The only person who isn’t clear on this is Oliver Thomas, who will be speaking to your kind in a church today.

Laced with irony aint it?

As for the MLK day event, save it. In America, we have 673 streets named after MLK, the man has his own national holiday, a national monument, and numerous scholarships, schools, and organizations. MLK has more to honor him in America, than Jesus Christ himself, who deserves more. Spare me.


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