NFL Protests America

By now you’ve all seen and heard of the protests. Scores of NFL players, mostly black, (just like the league itself) taking a knee against supposed injustice. It all started with this guy…


The guy on the right is Colin Kaepernick, a now unemployed washed up has been who began this charade at an awfully convenient time; two things happened around this time. First, the former MVP began to suck with this throwing…badly. His performance made him simply awful. Second, he began dating a girl who is a Black Lives Matter activist. In case you missed it, BLM is a terrorist organization. Dont believe me? You can check out their list of demands against white people here.

Colin’s big claim was that he was protesting the National Anthem because of perceived systemic injustice on the part of America, particularly law enforcement, towards black people. Now, this claim in and of itself is a huge lie. Too many statistics validate this, but the tragic hilarity of this is this little photo he doesn’t want you to see.

protest 5

You see, this is Colin’s white family. Colin is the little dark turd on the left. He was adopted by them when he was only a kid.

protest 7

Colin and his white siblings.

protest 6

Colin experiencing oppression and hate.

protest 4

Colin experiencing violence and doing without.

You see, this narrative might have been taken seriously if brought by a guy that grew up hard-scrabble and had to make it on his own. The problem with that theory is that people like that are usually respectful and proud and don’t expect special favors or attention. But not little Colin.

Whether its corn-rows or an Afro, he pretends to be something he’s not. He’s never known anything black other than the brand new tires on a car mommy and daddy paid for before this girl of his showed up. And with her came this newfound enlightenment about the plight of blacks in the US. Well let’s assess that plight…

Colin, who grew up in a white home, went to a mostly white high school. Thats where he differs from most of his other “brotha’s.” But from there its the same song and dance. He was recruited and selected by white talent scouts, admitted to university by white administrators and deans following strict rules for affirmative action. He then played and was able to shine and was picked up for the draft with a white Commissioner (who’s frankly a piece of shit). He joined a team with a white owner and a white coach. All of these people put him in the best advantageous position to win, both in the game, and in life. He is a millionaire. But here’s the best part; his story is not unique…

protest 2

70% of the NFL is black. Take the kicker, the quarterback, and the center out, and that number jumps to 80%. As a matter of fact, the NFL combine, in many ways, resembles old school slave auctions of long ago. “Let’s measure his hands, his reach, his jump, his speed, etc…” Sure looks that way and they’re all fighting to be a part of it. Completely voluntary. For those that make it, again 70-80% are black.

Now is it our fault as whites? That many of them waste their money before retiring and end up destitute? (or working for ESPN, which is kinda the same thing) Is there a rule whitey created stating “no black shall own a football franchise?” No. Of course not. That would be an example of institutional racism. The fact is that our cultures are different, our values are different. There isn’t a strong desire apparent in the black community to become owners of franchises or businesses in general. That’s not our fault.

As a matter of fact the league bends over backward to make accommodations for their culture and lifestyle choices. Dont believe me? Currently, 44 NFL Players are employed who have been convicted of sexual assault against women. Want more? See below.

protest 9

Some quick math will show that of the leagues total of 1696 players, accounting for losses and gains during that time, that still averages that 2 in every 5 players will have been cited for one of the above offenses. That includes taking out the bullshit window tint violations.

It would appear that when your culture involves music that describes living a gangster lifestyle, besmirches women and encourages sexual violence against them, and honors and tributes to crime and disrespect of others, that it carries over into your personal life. It would also appear that of the 2 in 5, most are still employed with the league. That shows that they indeed go out of their way to accommodate that which the rest of the nation would be fired over. Can you imagine if UPS had 1696 employees and 40% of them had been arrested for felonies? That of those 68% had been convicted?

But where the NFL and UPS is different is that UPS and other companies are accountable to these guys, the customers.

protest 3

I dont know if you have been to a football game recently, but the majority of the stands are filled with white people who are supporting their teams, just like blacks and hispanics and asians. These games are incredibly expensive to attend, let alone enjoy yourself at. I can assure you, its not their homies back in the ghetto who are coming to root for their boys to win. Its white guys that these players are spitting in the faces of.

Then there’s the politics of it. One agrieved group versus another. In this case its blacks who perceive oppression using the national anthem as their medium. It just so happens that they have pissed off the veteran crowd, many of them at least, that sacrificed much and have friends that sacrificed all for that flag and its values. Many of which, the guys protesting it dont identify with anyhow. More on that in a second. There are some cucks, veterans, who will say, “no, I served for them to have the right to protest too. Free speech.” Yeah, so did I, but I didnt serve so they could act like assholes. Freedom comes with responsibility, meaning you gotta act responsible and appreciate what you have. Or you can visit countries with real oppression like Libya, or Saudi Arabia, where it actually exists.

Some white guy hurting your feelings by calling you out for not having a job, impregnating 5 women, and not paying child support on your 15 kids while you roll a blunt is not oppression. Having your wife ripped away from you and raped in front of your eyes while your kids watch at gunpoint because she has been chosen and if she says no she is stoned to death….; that is oppression. So take your hurt feelings and kill yourself. (Im trying to cut down on the profanity).

Anyhow, back on the veteran front, so these protestors are saying, “nah i love the troops, I even have helped with the USO.” Good for you boy scout, nobody cares. They continue, “its not intended to offend veterans…”

***Scratch record***** stop. right. there. STOP!!! HOLD UP!!!! WAIT A MINUTE.

If there is one thing the left has taught me, its that it doesn’t matter what the intent is. It didnt matter that the confederate flag wasn’t intended to be racist, they demanded it be torn down anyway. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t intended to be offensive towards gays, they forced marriage down our throats anyway. It wasn’t intended to be offensive when we had legitimate concerns about mentally deranged transgender people in our women’s bathrooms, the intent didnt matter, only their hurt feelings and what they wanted. The left has taught me that if it hurts people’s feelings we shouldnt do it. Intent be damned. It doesn’t matter that we intend good will, we cant say Merry Christmas or God Bless You anymore. Well, then by God, dont sit there and tell me not to be offended when you do something ACTUALLY offensive and intended to cause unrest by disrespecting the flag. As a matter of fact yes, that is the intent, otherwise it wouldnt have the desired effect and you’d have chosen something else, like destroying and looting stores….oh, wait.

Here’s the real kicker. The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Baltimore Ravens recently went to England to play US Football over there. This publicity stunt has been popular a few times a year in recent years. These jackwagons kneel for the Star-Spangled Banner, but stand for the British version of God Save the Queen.

Let me get this straight, just so as I can understand. You kneel for the only country on earth that has fought and continues to fight oppression globally, was the first country on earth to abolish a centuries old practice of slavery that affected every ethnicity on the planet, the country that provides the most amount of unbridled freedom and opportunity, of which you took advantage and made yourself wealthy; that country; you kneel for “dat one” but stand for the anthem of a country that has had the most colonization efforts in the history of mankind, the country who’s traders made the deal with your ancient ancestors to buy your other ancestors, who’s royal navy fleet protected those merchant ships and enforced trading laws regarding that industry, that country; you stand up for “dat one?” REALLY? SERIOUSLY?

And you want me to take you seriously and believe that you have one shred of intellect outside of using your physical ability to catch a ball? Wow.

They might very well still be in chains had it not been for the tenets expressed in the declaration. The strange (at that time) idea that “all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights…” Where do these idiots think Lincoln got the idea for this stuff in the Gettysburg address? “Four score and seven years ago, our forefathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, CONCEIVED IN LIBERTY and dedicated to the proposition THAT ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL…” Lincoln wasnt that smart; he got the idea from the slave owning red-haired gentleman from Virginia that was more than just a slave owner, even though that’s all he was regarded as as his statue at the public university he started was vandalized.

They might do well to take a minute and not bite the hand that feeds them. Those tenets above, and the opportunity and freedom they enjoy and have done so well with, is wrapped up in that cloth that they defy. Its truly paradoxical to watch.

One last food for thought for today. Many are split over this, with most blacks agreeing or seeing validity in it and most non-blacks not. I have a running theory about this that is proving to be true. I encourage you to test it on your own. I know two black gentlemen with drastically opposite thoughts on this issue. I approached each separately and asked a simple question. “Do you see yourself and identify as black first, or American?” The supporter of the protests took a silent pause and said “black.” The other vehemently opposed to the protests without hesitation answered, “American.” In my opinion, therein lies the problem. The second gentleman is the exception not the rule, by the way. We have done such a good job segregating and coddling with affirmative action and lower standards and not enforcing assimilation in this country that they literally see themselves as their own nationality first and foremost, only second as Americans. No wonder they dont identify with our culture and values. Why should they? Values and culture that I consider as American, they see as “White values” or “white culture.” I was stunned to see my theory pan out. You cannot make someone accept an identity that they do not want or own.

But what I can do is not watch. I can choose not to support it. I hate it, for sure, because I love football. Its a huge part of my tradition. But principles are not a game, and cannot be bargained with. For my house, its college on Saturday for game day and thats it. No Sunday ball, no sunday night, no monday night, no thursday night. I can vote with my wallet. I encourage you to do the same.


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