Happy Anniversary!

Well we did it. At least the first hurdle that is….

It was one year ago last month that we went out on our own and started our own business. It has been filled with challenges and growth, but I cannot say that I’ve ever felt more happy or fulfilled than where we are at and what I am doing now.

To those of you that have prayed over us and for our good fortune, let me thank you now. We’ve been blessed with work. They say that 90% of businesses fail in the first 5 years, with 50% of those in the first year. We passed the first mile marker; here’s to passing the second one in due time and one step at a time.

One thing I can encourage someone considering going out on their own is that it’s a different animal and will require more personal growth and development than anything you’ve done up to that point. If you’re not prepared to do that, don’t quit your job just yet. Its for a certain type of person, someone who would rather walk a tightrope without a net before being tethered because the tether feels like a chain. But its not for the reckless. You must be responsible and a good steward of what God and your customer’s give you, both good and bad.

Around here, we have a phrase….”take care of the football, rule #1.” What that means is that you must place the business first. Sometimes that means working longer hours than youd like or eating a cost on the chin to do whats right by the customer. Other times it may mean telling a customer that theyre not right and that we cant fulfill their desire because to do so would be harming the company or expose us to a bad situation. That kind of maturity and wisdom comes from careful thinking, prayer, and frankly mistakes. Dont be afraid to fail, Its how you learn.

This one wont be long, as it is after one of those long days. Just wanted to thank a few of you for your warm thoughts and prayers. We appreciate them so much.

Thank you.


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